the K-night order

The angry mom routine

Session 2
Written by Mads (GM)

The angry mom routine

Gotta have a montage

After returning to their inn, after accomplishing their mission, our heroes wanted to spend some time in Brass to get to know the city and perfect their fighting styles to better face threats as they arise. The only option was to spend a whole month training. Bob and mr. Benson joined an underground fighting pit run by Dawg, Luitenant of the local Cartel. At the end of the training period Benson was hell bent on testing his might and make the Brass underground fear him as the masked fighter, el Muhico. And everything went pretty good, until he stepped into the ring.

How many chair legs does it take to get a cartel bounty?

The last fight of the evening was to be el Muhico versus one of the best fighters in the beginner league, Craig the Cruel. I became obvious that Craig was a more experienced fighter and just when it seemed that el Muhico had the advantage, Craig unleashed his full fury and knocked the masked fighter out. Thus the fight was over and our heroes went home to rest… or at least that would have happened if Torus hadn’t jumped down into the pit and smacked Craig in the back of the head with a chair leg.



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