the K-night order

The angry mom routine

Session 2
Written by Mads (GM)

The angry mom routine

Gotta have a montage

After returning to their inn, after accomplishing their mission, our heroes wanted to spend some time in Brass to get to know the city and perfect their fighting styles to better face threats as they arise. The only option was to spend a whole month training. Bob and mr. Benson joined an underground fighting pit run by Dawg, Luitenant of the local Cartel. At the end of the training period Benson was hell bent on testing his might and make the Brass underground fear him as the masked fighter, el Muhico. And everything went pretty good, until he stepped into the ring.

How many chair legs does it take to get a cartel bounty?

The last fight of the evening was to be el Muhico versus one of the best fighters in the beginner league, Craig the Cruel. I became obvious that Craig was a more experienced fighter and just when it seemed that el Muhico had the advantage, Craig unleashed his full fury and knocked the masked fighter out. Thus the fight was over and our heroes went home to rest… or at least that would have happened if Torus hadn’t jumped down into the pit and smacked Craig in the back of the head with a chair leg.

Druids may leave!

Session 1
written mainly by Thorfinn, player of Torus


Entering Brass

Our Heroes entered the outskirts of the city of Brass. Tired and weary they went for an inn in the closest town Brasshade, where they met an innkeeper with ties to the order. After consulting with him around the whereabouts of the blue faced man they decide to rest and renew their vigor as they investigated the surrounding farmlands.

A few days went by event less as the investigation went on, Aside from a near brawl in the bar over some fake dice in a gambling game involving Bob and some locals, the days were quiet, until the horrible happened.


Our party returned to the inn where they slept from (fuck if I remember) TO FIND THEIR BELOVED DONKEY VANDALIZED! The red paint stood a blight upon the fair fur of the proud being and set a mood of rage in our heroes. They immediately halted their current investigation in favor of searching for the kids who could have done this. which they didn’t… did clean half the donkey though.

The motherfucking investigation

HOWEVER our heroes did hear about AN EVIL AND DANGEROUS DRUID OVERLORD. Leading a band of savage bandits known as the Dog claw gang known to bully and blackmail the locals AND SPEAK TO ANIMALS.

Reporting in

After dispatching the “druid” the party traveled to the city of Brass to look for the blue faced man. To save money our heroes rented rooms at the shittiest and smelliest inn in the city, The Ratty Shithole. Our heroes went to the local temple and K-night HQ to get themselves healed and make reports about their current situation. However the local branch were not to pleased with what the group had to tell and decided to punish them for insubordination. The party thought that the punishment was cruel and uncalled for and locked the high-priest in the confessional so they could leave, hell-bent on catching the blue faced man to redeem their names.

Rumble at the library

The blue faced man could not run forever, and after asking the locals the party found him in the grand library where they tried to apprehend him. Several minutes later and our heroes had a ruined library ,a petrified mage and a dead origami griphon on their hand. The party considered the mission a success and delivered the blue faced man to HQ. Despite their success the high priest did not forgive them for their past mistakes and had them whipped.


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